The Importance of Silence



The importance of silence is something that cannot be stressed upon enough. I don’t mean to say stop talking and cut off everyone around you. No way!! The silence I am talking about is the quality within you that helps you hear the Universe more clearly. The space of tranquility which is the wellspring of awareness. If you find the concept of being in this state scary, then look within to see what is the source of your resistance.

To find this space within you, you will, at first, need to spend sometime cutting out outside noise. Spend five minutes a day, in a quiet space. Play some relaxing music (I prefer music without lyrics) if that helps. And just be. Watch your breathing pattern, because that helps you focus your mind when it wanders. And feel how your body relaxes. Do not have any expectations from this time, just use it to tune into yourself. Gradually, extend the time you are in this space. Just be and listen. And see how you feel

Sitting on the beach at a quieter time of the day, or amongst trees, a green patch, with your bare feet on planted on the earth, will help this process. Go within. See yourself. Be with yourself. Know yourself. What do you like? What do you not like? Why? What holds true for you; what doesn’t? Are you living in truth? Allow yourself to feel these and the answers that come forth. You are one step closer to building an authentic relationship with your Self.

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