Why did I choose the name Gaia Mitra?

Gaia is the primordial Universal Mother. We, humans, have forgotten that we are a part of the web of creation and not some exclusive entity who is here to rule over it. Or its a fact that we choose to acknowledge and do nothing about.

Animals, whom most people consider inferior beings with limited intelligence that can be “measured” by their ability to build tools or retrieve food by innovative means, are in fact very much in tune with the Universe, with Gaia. They recognize and honor the parts they are here to play and do so without any fanfare. Anyone who has experienced an animal communication session will never dare call them “just animals” ever again .

Fortunately, we live in an age where mankind is also choosing to wake up. Well, atleast a part of it. And rediscover the lost connection. Given the chaos prevailing in the world today, this awakening and the growing few choosing to live lives in alignment with Nature will one day be the source of hope and revival of humanity. The work I do and my continuing education is a process of rediscovering the forgotten connect, deepening the bond and healing the hurt of centuries. Hence, the name Gaia Mitra.

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