“I have been wanting to write this for a couple of months now and finally I have made it Though I knew Sanjukta for quite some years now as an animal rescuer, I got to know her most closely on April 2016. She has helped me to understand my feline kids – Kurni and Flopsy better now. In fact after the session she had with them, I have been feeling more connected with them. She is a natural when it comes to commuicating and healing them. She is not only good with animals but also with humans. She helped me through my difficult phase and showed a path which made me “love and respect my own self”. I hope the path she had shown me will lead me to my destiny and to a much “happier me”. Thanks Sanju

– Beenu, 18 July 2017

“Thanks Sanju , for the timely guidance you have given to Tweety and us . The session with you was wonderful and we were able to recognise good changes in Tweety within three to four hours . Now, she is recovering and you made us understand her better through the session . Thanks much .”

Nandhini, 28 May, 2017

“Sanjuktha Ramachandran, I can’t thank you enough for being the voice of the animals, and also for helping me in a tiny situation with my cat.
Remember, you had spoken to one of our cats, Tin Tin, asking him not to wake me up in the middle of the night for food (even after providing them with dry-food at all time)? I’m surprised that he hasn’t woken me up since the last session. Infact he cuddles and sleeps next to me but doesn’t wake me up.

I must say, we also got to understand our cats better with each session, as it opens up avenues for much deeper understanding of these incredible, sentient beings. Thank you so much Sanju.

I hope more and more people acknowledge the authenticity of communication in your readings.

Much love to you 🤗

Gayathri Kandheri, 7 April, 2017


“I approached Sanjuktha when I felt that things in my life were spinning out of control. Almost Immediately I realised that she had this warm glow of compassion and depth that made me feel very secure when I had my session with her. She helped me understand some root causes of my emotions and gave me many insights about my nature, how I could go about accepting myself and also made me identify areas in which I needed to shift my thinking pattern. Practicing self-compassion is the biggest lesson that I learned from her, and even though I’m not fully there yet, I have begun on that path and I want to thank Sanju for it. She has been such a good influence in my life and a wonderful friend when I needed someone to confide in, such that, even post-session, we continue to stay in touch. I had been to many counsellors before but unlike them, Sanjuktha never made me feel that I was inadequate or lacking something, instead she helped me harness what I had inside me to grow into a better person. I am grateful I met someone so unique in my life with such a big heart and hope that she continues to enrich my life with her knowledge and kindness. Thank you Sanju

Nimisha Saikia, 26 March 2017


This is manju.I have been thinking for quite a while to share my experiences with sanjukta.Its been an amazing experience and an eyeopener for me.I had requested her to communicate with my lost pet cat in the month of August.From then on, the journey of my personal transformation has begun, i guess.Her tarot reading not only answers our questions but gives guidance to help us choose our path.I personally have benefited in not only focussing my energies towards my vision but also to grow as a holistic person.To my pets she is their angel.She sends healing to my aged dog and can pinpoint areas of pain he experiences.This has been very valuable in his treatment.Inshort my bad days have been made better with her guidance .She is truly a conduit of the divine and for me, my soul friend and guide in my quest for a happy purposeful journey called life.

Sai Manjula Valli V, 3 February, 2017


“If you’ve loved and lost a dog, the one thing you’d do anything for is the opportunity to see / talk to your dog again. To connect with your beloved again.

One of my greatest loves. And my biggest regret. That I have been unable to forgive myself for. My Pumpkin. She was nine years old when she passed away on 26th February 2014. She was a healthy, happy and boisterous dog. She had developed issues with her uterus. After she had been on medication for a while, surgery was recommended. I agreed. Four days following surgery, Pumpkin died of complications. She breathed her last even before I reached my parents’ home that morning to see her. I never got to say ‘goodbye’. I was not with her in her last moments. I never forgave myself for putting her through surgery. There were so many things I wanted to tell Pumpkin but could not. It was a tragic, shocking and incomplete ending.

A few days ago, Sanjuktha, who specializes in animal communication, helped me connect with Pumpkin. I can’t put into words how happy, relieved and at peace I felt after the session. To know Pumpkin was still out there. And that she was well. And that only her body had departed. I was finally able to tell Pumpkin all the things I had been dying to tell her. I got to tell her about love, regret, loss and ask for forgiveness. And my Pumpkin had some things to tell me as well ☺️. She had quite a bit of golden advice for me ☺️. A dog’s advice is the best kind of advice. It is to be taken seriously ☺️.

Thank you, Sanju. I had been wanting to do this for so long. ”

Keerthi Priyadarshini, 21 January 2017
“Can’t imagine it’s just been two and half months that I know Sanju cos the amount she has influenced my life and my darling doggie Brownys life is amazing. I took her card reading session and healing session which completely changed my approach about life. Sanju communicated with Browny which came as an insight to what was really going on in Brownys mind and she conveyed what I was feeling as well and v both r now two lil happy buddies . Browny jus loves Sanjus healing sessions . She says it’s like music flowing thru her body. Highly recommended for people and pets
Sai Vishnupriya Vittal, 24 December 2016
“Alright! So this is gonna be a pretty long post.. For those who don’t have the time to read this, let me get straight to the point.. Sanjuktha is one amazing animal communicator and healer..My cat Natalie is a living proof for that..Had it not been for Sanju, I’d have lost my baby forever..She saved my baby from utmost danger, more than once..Sanju turned to be my angel when Nat sneaked out one night..We searched our entire neighbourhood the whole night but we weren’t able to find her at all..That was when a friend referred Sanjuktha..Trust me, she helped us find the exact location of Natalie..We just followed her guidance and voila! we found our baby, sitting there as if nothing had ever happened! Yeah, my kitty is a total brat! Yet, she’s the centre of my universe! And Sanju saved my universe from getting shattered.. Since then Sanju has always helped us understand a lot about Natalie..We were constantly seeking her guidance and that’s when she turned our angel once again..Nat again sneaked out..this happened a couple of months back..But thankfully, she hadn’t gone far..When we saw her we were so relieved..but our happiness was short-lived..When we lifted her up we realized that she was badly hurt..Her eyes rolled back and she was making sounds as if she was in deep pain..We immediately took her to our vet but we were told that we had to wait it out..We weren’t sure if she had any internal injuries..Nat dint eat or drink anything for two days..My kitty is epileptic and she should constantly have her medicine..That was another thing that was literally freaking us out..And that’s when Sanju stepped in..She sent healing energies to Nat and wonder of wonders, Nat started recovering beautifully..In just one day, my baby started eating! And in two days she was almost back to normal..That’s the power of Sanju’s healing..I was one of these people who never believed in stuff like animal communication and healing..My husband was much worse..But Sanju was our eyeopener..She showed us the true potential of animal communication and healing..I’d strongly recommend Gaia Mitra for anyone who wants to understand their animals or help them heal..Trust me, if you don’t, post your session with Sanju, you’ll start believing in miracles too
Pret Preethi, 21 August 2016
“Dear dear Sanjuktha Ramachandran cannot thank you enough for the wonderful conversation you had with frisky! you are truly gifted.. and i knew frisky was so comfortable talking to you!! your amazing, insightful and a natural… look forward to many more sessions…”
Ramya Venkatraman, 31 July, 2016
“I have read about animal communication, and have always wondered what is going on in my pet dog’s (Pumba) mind, and if they truly communicate, reading up on experiences of animal communicators seemed to good to be true , but have always been very inquisitive to go through this experience. Pumba was adopted from a very dedicated foster parent Sanjuktha, having adopted a indie for the 1st time it took some settling time for both of us, of course with whole lot of guidance from Sanju. Though she is all settled now, I wanted to still check on her, and when I got to know Sanjuktha was all set to take up sessions, I was very keen to go for it through a trusted source. The outcome of the session has been very touching and brought out wonderful revelations of bonding between humans and their animal companions. The whole experience reinstates one’s belief in the lasting relationship we have with our pets and to understand them better and is reassuring of the bond & love we enjoy. Thank you Sanjuktha for this experience.
Soumya Subbiah, 2 July 2016
“Had a problem with our pet ammu and we contacted her through an article in times of India. The Reiki healing helped our pet to overcome the anxious feeling.”
Swetha Narayanan, 15 June 2016
“I have known Sanjuktha Ramachandran as an animal lover but was really surprised when she announced that she was doing angel tarot & oracle card readings. I hv always had a penchant for trying out new things and thought, ‘what the heck, let me try it’. I fixed an appointment and went there more a skeptic than a believer. but the good thing about me is that i always have an open mind. It was handsomely rewarded when Sanjuktha left me gasping with the accuracy of her readings. It was an amazing experience. Till now I cant understand how she could hv known the things she said. Many of the readings were very personal issues and there was no way any third person could know abt them. On the whole Sanjuktha is a natural and is going to go places.”
–  Balaji Sundarrajan, 20 April 2016




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