Hello everyone! This is Sanjuktha here. Having been a student of science and with a doctorate in molecular biology, I was used to breaking down data and experimenting with DNA. As you can guess, there were my plans, and then there were the schemes of this magnificent, grand universe. From critically observing, I was gently coaxed into enjoying, understanding and then connecting with these astoundingly beautiful realms of relative reality. Telepathic communication with other species, being a conduit of Universal healing energy, divination with the help of oracle and tarot cards- suddenly an entire realm of possibilities opened up to me. A sense of Oneness with Life! This is a never-ending journey of experiencing and learning; of understanding and then understanding some more; of letting-go and gaining; and at every turn of the spiral, I am redefining myself.

I am now offering life guidance through oracle and angel card readings and energy healing for animals and people. I also help people understand their animal companions better by communicating with them. This is to share the connect I was lucky enough to have experienced after becoming a true student of life sciences.