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On Animal Communication/Inter-Species Communication

Telepathic communication is the oldest and the Universal form of communication between all species. We are all telepathic at birth. The human society, unfortunately, has evolved to dismiss the idea that anything except verbal communication is real or true. Other species are not under this kind of pressure or conditioning and are therefore, in connect with the Universe or All There Is. Some humans are “aware” all their lives; some of us have learnt to re-connect. It is the most beautiful connect, one which I treat with a lot of respect.

Telepathy involves sending thoughts – one may perceive them as images/feelings/sensations/thoughts etc. So, when I connect with a member of another species, I act as an intermediary between the human and that animal. I convey what is being said by one to the other. Conversations can range from day to day issues, behaviour, food habits to spiritual topics. Your animal companion knows you like no other and often, when there is a mutual relationship of love and respect, they have great suggestions to give their human friends.

This is just a brief introduction to the wonderful world of communication between species. If you have any questions, please write in to me.


On Energy Healing

Although, I received Reiki attunement, I prefer to call myself an Energy Healer. I see myself as a conduit of the Universal energy that surrounds us – the energy of All There Is. I channel this energy into the client – human or other species. I am guided, intuitively, by my Angels and Guides in this process. I love working with Energy healing and Bach flower remedies. They are NOT a substitute for medical care. Rather, I see them as complementary practices that can help the healing process. Both the physical and the emotional body need healing when one is unwell. Neglecting one for the other is not advisable.


On Guidance through Oracle and Tarot Reading

Divination with the help of oracle and tarot cards helps one see one’s life more closely; like someone has held up a mirror for you to see yourself better. Where are you headed? Is this the best choice for you? Are you on the right path? What kind of belief systems are affecting you and where did they come from? What can you do to strengthen your relationship with yourself? These are some of the topics I deal with frequently and its my privilege to help my client traverse these for their highest good.

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