Welcome to my blog, dear friends! Through these posts, I hope to share with you my learnings, observations, interesting experiences and so on, from this fascinating journey I embarked on since 2015. The topics here will cover my experiences with animal friends, channeled messages, and my personal observations. I hope you enjoy reading them and if there is something for you to take-away from these writings, I couldn’t be gladder!

Welcome aboard!!


This is my first channelled message for the collective. I apologise for the background noise; I realise this is something I have to work on. I hope you can still hear the message despite the background. It does not matter when you see this message. If you are drawn to its contents, it is for you.

An introduction to Self love

This short video was made in collaboration with Avaesa (www.avaesa.com). Thank you Avaesa!!

This New Year, I thought it would be nice to share some of the conversations I have had with my own animal family. I live with 6 dogs and 18 cats. And yes, it can be fun and chaotic at the same time. People often assume that if a communicator “tells” something to their pet, especially with regard to behaviour, they will listen and change immediately. Nope folks, that’s not how it works. Members of other species reason just the way they do. If they are convinced by what we have to say, they will consider it. Anyway, here are some snippets from my family…


This is my eldest dog Jack. Jack loves sitting in the sunshine. When I asked him about it, he said “Sitting in the sunshine feels great because it penetrates your skin, goes in deep and energizes so much that you feel like an energy vortex. It is very healing.”
So, I did some reading up and yes, Vit.D deficiency is linked to daytime fatigue, metabolic issues, type-2 diabetes and so on. So get your daily dose of sunshine and also stay hydrated!


I asked Casper to share his thoughts. This is what he had to say, “When you look at the vast blue sky, allow it to fill your heart. Life is full of possibilities.”



This is Yogi. Yogi has a habit of hiding behind doors. When I asked him why he does that he explained that it feels like a den. He feels safe and he can pounce on anyone, unnoticed. He said “I am stealth king”.

Stay tuned for more stories…..



The Importance of Silence


The importance of silence is something that cannot be stressed upon enough. I don’t mean to say stop talking and cut off everyone around you. No way!! The silence I am talking about is the quality within you that helps you hear the Universe more clearly. The space of tranquility which is the wellspring of awareness. If you find the concept of being in this state scary, then look within to see what is the source of your resistance.

To find this space within you, you will, at first, need to spend sometime cutting out outside noise. Spend five minutes a day, in a quiet space. Play some relaxing music (I prefer music without lyrics) if that helps. And just be. Watch your breathing pattern, because that helps you focus your mind when it wanders. And feel how your body relaxes. Do not have any expectations from this time, just use it to tune into yourself. Gradually, extend the time you are in this space. Just be and listen. And see how you feel

Sitting on the beach at a quieter time of the day, or amongst trees, a green patch, with your bare feet on planted on the earth, will help this process. Go within. See yourself. Be with yourself. Know yourself. What do you like? What do you not like? Why? What holds true for you; what doesn’t? Are you living in truth? Allow yourself to feel these and the answers that come forth. You are one step closer to building an authentic relationship with your Self.

Gaia is the primordial Universal Mother. We, humans, have forgotten that we are a part of the web of creation and not some exclusive entity who is here to rule over it. Or its a fact that we choose to acknowledge and do nothing about.

Animals, whom most people consider inferior beings with limited intelligence that can be “measured” by their ability to build tools or retrieve food by innovative means, are in fact very much in tune with the Universe, with Gaia. They recognize and honor the parts they are here to play and do so without any fanfare. Anyone who has experienced an animal communication session will never dare call them “just animals” ever again .

Fortunately, we live in an age where mankind is also choosing to wake up. Well, atleast a part of it. And rediscover the lost connection. Given the chaos prevailing in the world today, this awakening and the growing few choosing to live lives in alignment with Nature will one day be the source of hope and revival of humanity. The work I do and my continuing education is a process of rediscovering the forgotten connect, deepening the bond and healing the hurt of centuries. Hence, the name Gaia Mitra.