Communication with companion animals

A session is typically around 60 minutes in duration. It can be done over the telephone or skype. Please email a clear photograph of your furry friend where I can see the face clearly. The charges are INR 2000/- for a session.


Energy healing for companion animals

I will require a clear photograph where I can see your furry friend’s face clearly. The fee of INR 2000/- is for a set of three sessions.


Energy healing for people

 Please email me a brief history of the condition for which you seek healing. The fee of INR 2000/- is for a set of three sessions.


Life coaching (with angel readings)

An in-depth session where one can learn about their life path, blocks,remedial measures, life purpose, health, finances, and so on. A session lasts a minimum of 3 hours and can extend even longer. The fee for this session is INR 5000/-. This includes a 30 minute follow-up session after 30 days.


Angel tarot and oracle card readings

A session is typically around 90 minutes. The fee for this is INR 2000/-.


Angel tarot and oracle reading session (45 minutes duration)

This is primarily meant for clients whom I have worked with before. Basically, this entails follow-up on work done earlier and the charges are INR 1000/-.

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