And what they had to say….

This New Year, I thought it would be nice to share some of the conversations I have had with my own animal family. I live with 6 dogs and 18 cats. And yes, it can be fun and chaotic at the same time. People often assume that if a communicator “tells” something to their pet, especially with regard to behaviour, they will listen and change immediately. Nope folks, that’s not how it works. Members of other species reason just the way they do. If they are convinced by what we have to say, they will consider it. Anyway, here are some snippets from my family…


This is my eldest dog Jack. Jack loves sitting in the sunshine. When I asked him about it, he said “Sitting in the sunshine feels great because it penetrates your skin, goes in deep and energizes so much that you feel like an energy vortex. It is very healing.”
So, I did some reading up and yes, Vit.D deficiency is linked to daytime fatigue, metabolic issues, type-2 diabetes and so on. So get your daily dose of sunshine and also stay hydrated!


I asked Casper to share his thoughts. This is what he had to say, “When you look at the vast blue sky, allow it to fill your heart. Life is full of possibilities.”



This is Yogi. Yogi has a habit of hiding behind doors. When I asked him why he does that he explained that it feels like a den. He feels safe and he can pounce on anyone, unnoticed. He said “I am stealth king”.

Stay tuned for more stories…..



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